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Most people have an opinion on the issues with US education. Build That Bill lets people point out issues, discuss them, and vote on which issues most immediately require legislative attention.

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Once an issue gets enough votes, a request can be submitted to create a bill which addresses that issue. Bills are made by regular people like yourself who use Build That Bill's instructional system for creating a bill.

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Though Build That Bill was only recently created, we've received an enormous amount of positive feedback. We're already on the way to making our students brighter by making our education system better.

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Creating Opportunity. For our children.

Its simply a no brainer that kids who are better educated end up having better lives. In the greatest nation on earth, kids should never be limited by a system that adults have broken.

Making a difference. For our society.

Participating in Build That Bill is personally rewarding as well. Its work that means something, and all of those who take part can feel a sense of accomplishment knowing they've helped the lives of others.

Doing what our representatives can't. For our future.

Our government was structured in a time when things moved a lot slower. Theres so much happening now that politicians have found other things to work on. However, Build That Bill knows that education is an issue that can't be lost in the shuffle.

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